Oscar the Carrot


Softcover book. Story written and illustrated with vibrant paintings created by Suzanne Perlmutter. A beautiful story about the lives of two friends who begin a rooftop garden. As their garden begins to flourish, they learn from an unlikely friend about history and friendship.



Oscar is just plain ornery. The challenge is for Gisela and her friend, Laura to come to terms with him in his effort to express who he is! If he is NOT constantly singing off-key, then he is hiding in his carrot bed. Oscar, the Carrot was originally a science project whereby he was part of a rooftop garden. His voice becomes an animated link to the past, when wild carrots grew abundantly in a world where cultivating food meant survival. Gisela and Laura soon discover that the cultivation of the carrot evolved over thousands of years, spanning generations, in a region where food was both an art and science. Gisela and Laura learn to love Oscar–and the more they let go, and let Oscar be Oscar–the more life opens up to all of them.


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