The Happy Hat


Softcover book. Story written and beautifully illustrated with paintings by Suzanne Perlmutter. A story about two sisters who live near the Mediterranean coast and the beauty that surrounds them.



The Happy Hat is a story about two sisters: Monika and Rosa who run a small horse farm for the summer, with tourists from Madrid as well as international travelers – where the girls offer rides on the Andalusian Horse! Their farm is along the Mediterranean located in the ancient volcanic mountains of Cabo de Gata, Spain, overlooking the sea. The two sisters are enchanted with the wonders of their natural environment: the fossil beds in the limestone caves, and the exotic desert animals that abound. Together, Monika and Rosa explore this habitat and dream of what it is like to be caretakers of this splendid, beautiful place. They offer a sensitive outlook of how to protect and assure its beauty, now, and for other children in the future.


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