Nudges from a Wet Nose


Enjoy these dog-inspired stories or rely on them as a thoughtful gift for animal lovers in your life.  Adult reading level.

From the back cover:

A dog is lost in the mountains. A diva takes a stroll in a small town. A woman rides a white horse into history.

These fifteen tales feature the distinctive personalities of real-life dogs. “Good For The Gander,” a Victorian-era story, incorporates the temperaments of several dogs into fictional human characters. The story “Showdown At Gravelly Gulch,” is narrated by a pup. An ordinary dog walk ends up a perilous adventure in, “How Am I Still Alive?”The author made a promise to her family of dog walk clients: “I’ll write stories featuring each of your dogs!” Here is the result.

Set in the Pacific Northwest; written for animal lovers everywhere.

Cover and photos by the author.

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A small-town dog walker gets to know her doggie clients much like a nanny grows close to the children. One of the joys of the walking business is interacting with these wonderful canine personalities.

Each dog experiences life in their distinctive way, an innocent, loving example of how, or perhaps how not to, live one’s life. A faithful shepherd dog may be too worried about her flock of humans, pining whenever they disappear from her sight. Oh, how one wishes they could reassure her and point out how she wastes beautiful hours of her life in needless worry. Then comes the realization. She reflects one’s own disposition quite well.

In Nudges from a Wet Nose, Harriet shares these lovely dog personalities and what might be learned from them. The stories take shape in a variety of ways. For example, sweet little Larry becomes a 1930s private investigator’s right-hand dog. The dogs Maggie, Waco, and Zeke take human form in a Victorian-era tale set in Port Townsend, WA.

Illustrated with photos of the dear, lovable dogs who inspired the stories.

The stories are set in the PNW: Arlington, Bellingham, Pt Townsend, Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area


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