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Paperback inspirational romance anthology with novellas by Barbara Curtis, Barbara Jean Hicks, Shari MacDonald, and Jane Orcutt. This quartet of soulful stories about homes and hearts in need of restoration will resonate with anyone who has ever loved an old house. 348 pages.

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The characters who populate this set of stories are as much in need of repair as the old houses they are working on: newly widowed K.C., who dreams of renovating her late husband’s home; itinerant handyman Nat, who can’t forgive himself for a mistake in his past; Flynn, who inherits half an historic estate, along with a maddening figure from her troubled youth; Laurie, abandoned by her unfaithful husband, who moves back to her hometown and finds skeletons in the family closet. In the end, each finds that history is sometimes best left in the past and the future is an open book to rewrite one’s life—and discover love.


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