Red 1958 Continental, 2020


Red 1958 Continental, 2020
Oil on Canvas, 16in x 20in framed



1958 Quad and Chrome: More is Better Series

1958-model-year American automobiles were the first equipped with four headlights versus the previous standard two. Hand-in-hand with the quad headlights came a massive amount of front-end chrome, primarily in the bumper by the headlights, and more sheet metal in the fender surrounding the headlights.  Cadillacs and Continentals may have been extreme, but the rest of the GM and Ford stables followed suit, as did Chrysler’s cars. More demur were the Ramblers, Nashes, Packards, and Studebakers.  If these automobile styles were a reflection of American society, was it a case of flaunting excess or highway fortification?

The 1958 Continental, manufactured by Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln Division, was the largest American car ever made. And probably one of the most homely given all the chrome.


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