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I paint and produce art pieces therapeutically to bring inspiration from within and to explore the passion and joy that art gives me.

For me, my art is the representation of the complexities of my life — it all can be a bit much sometimes — and art completes me. I look forward to sharing my art pieces with others.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, am middle-aged and passionate about family, pets, films, books, photography, flowers and art, art, art! I have no formal training, though I attended an oil/palette knife painting session at a senior center when I was 8 years old… my parents thought it would get me out

 of my shy-shell. What it did was give me a spark to make art!

I also took an art therapy class in my 20’s that helped my creative flow. I enjoyed my therapist’s attitude about no rules, no judgement… it was very conducive for just being free with form and color. In the past, I’ve done a lot of out

sider-art and naive art. My “comfort” paintings usually are abstract vases and florals.

My favorite painting of mine belongs to my mother and is a painting I did of Lilies in water, a memory of a great trip I took with my sister to Europe.

I just can’t pick any form of art or painter of the past or present that is my favorite, I love it all. I dream of art, seeing myself painting and I see works complete. I have a lifetime of painting inside and I look forward to putting them on canvas.

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