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Softcover book, illustrations, and design by MaryElaine De Good~Wheatley. A read-aloud picturebook friendship poem encourages kindness and love of the diversity of others and the self. Artful hand-drawn illustrations layered with color patterns digitally. Activities for self-images and images of other people, places, and things. (The old spelling version of wondrous is used here for the cadence of the syllables. Ages 3-10, 28 pages, 107 words, 8.5×11 inches.)

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Strolling through a park, the young girl sees something unexpected, a moose in a tree, and is so surprised she thinks he is funny. He says she is a “wonderous being” and invites her to fly into the sky with him to see other wonderous beings. She learns there are many different beings wonderful as she is. Activities include a workbook for self-affirmation, acts of kindness, and pages to put pictures of the reader’s wondrous self, family, friends, or all they see that is wondrous in their life. (To have your copy signed and personalized to your favorite “Wonderous Being” provide information at checkout.)

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