Undercurrents – Book 3 of the Sam Westin Wilderness Mysteries


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Wildlife biologist and freelance writer Sam Westin dives into deep trouble in the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador. 324 pages.

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Scuba diving off the Galápagos Islands, wildlife biologist and freelance writer Summer “Sam” Westin is not only out of her element–she’s plunged right into a dangerous conflict between fishermen and environmentalists…

When Sam is hired to cover a marine survey expedition to the Galápagos, she jumps at the opportunity–though she has to fudge the truth about her diving expertise. But amidst the giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and schooling hammerheads of Darwin’s enchanted islands, Sam gets caught up in deadly game of survival of the fittest, and her dream assignment turns into a nightmare.

When her diving partner’s air supply is contaminated with carbon monoxide on their very first dive, she wonders if someone is trying to sabotage the expedition. Sea cucumbers and shark fins are valuable commodities in the Asian market. How far will the poachers go? With no one watching their backs, Sam starts to suspect they may already be in over their heads–dealing with human predators more deadly than any shark…


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