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A softcover, read-aloud, and activity picture book, teach the difference between a wish and a dream. Keep favorite wishes on the Wishing Keeper and play a Bigfoot Wishing Sparks hide and seek game. Illustrations, and design by MaryElaine De Good-Wheatley.

Using Bigfoot as a metaphor for wishes that are yet unknown, found, and then chosen to keep as a dream to be. Artful, bright, hand-drawn illustrations, digitally layered with color. Fun activity workbook pages to identify and save the favorite wishes. (Ages 4-10, 28 pages, 97 words, 8.5X11 inches) ISBN 978-0-578-30429-8 LCCN 2021920762

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Wandering in the forest, the elusive Bigfoot is spotted. He is gathering wishing sparks. So many wishing sparks are falling out of his bag. What does he do with the wishing sparks? The young girl sees he is putting wishing sparks on a Wishing Keeper. If wishes are an idea, then the dream is the action.

What is one process to make a wish more than a wish or idea? What steps are taken to turn a wish into a dream that comes true


Bigfoot is the image metaphor for all the big wishes and ideas in each of our thoughts. Some we keep, and some we let go. Putting the WISHING SPARK onto the WISHING KEEPER is an action that makes a conscious decision for the wish to be more than an idea. The wishes want to become tangible. It is an act of self-confidence.

The WISHING KEEPER has an activity and game section. Wishing Sparks can be cut out and taped or glued to the page with a picture of the WISHING KEEPER.

There is a Bigfoot hide and seek game. Cut out the Bigfoot and Wishing Sparks. Hide them and find them with family and friends.

There is a section to write down a wish and write out steps to make the wishes manifest.

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