MY PUPPY’S HAIR (Kitty’s Whispy Furry Fluffs Too!)


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Softcover book, illustrations, and design by MaryElaine De Good~Wheatley. A read-aloud, brilliant thinker problem-solving story about what to do with all the hair and fur a puppy and kitty can shed. The young boy is perplexed with what to do and uses his imagination to solve the problem. Artful, hand-drawn illustrations layered with color, color patterns digitally.
(Ages, 3-10, 40 pages, 522 words, 8.5×8.5 inches)

In stock

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What would you do with all the puppy hair and kitty’s whispy furry fluffs on the chair, on the stairs, floating in the air, and is everywhere? The brilliant thinker in this story has an idea and uses different critical thinking skills to see if they will work.  Reading these problem-solving ideas out loud may cause giggles and not necessarily delight the adult. But are very compelling and worthy of serious considerations.

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