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From the ancient round caverns of oracular Delphi to the sanctuary of our present day homes, this spicy blend emerges. My floral muses here are the White Ginger Lily and Saffron. In this spell-binding Delphi blend, the round rhizome of ginger lily root is widened by local cottonwood bud and alpine pinyon pine resin from Utah. It is bestirred by spruce and pine leaves and deepened by tree moss.

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Contributing Plants & Locations Grown
Ginger Lily rhizome. Hedychium spicatum. India
White Ginger Lily flower. Hedychium coronarium. India
Black Cottonwood bud. Populus balsamifer WA
Saffron stigma. Crocus sativus. India
Tree Moss. Evernia furfuracea. France.
Pinyon pine resin & leaf. Pinus edulis. Utah.
Eaglewood. Aetoxylon sympetolum. Indonesia.
Spruce leaf. Picea glauca. Canada.
Vanilla bean. Vanilla planifolia. Tahiti/WA

Each gift-wrapped, thick, blue glass jar contains 3 grams a solid botanical perfume.

Carrier oil is ancient, oderless, long-shelf-life Ben Oil, (cold-pressed & organic Moringa oleifera oil) from India. There is a little added local (to Bellingham WA) raw beeswax to slightly thicken the perfumes.

All aromatic plant materials used in these perfume blends are either wild or organic or in a small amount of cases carefully yet conventionally grown. ALL PLANTS ARE SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED. The palm-sized thick blue glass jars come from Switzerland and block all UV light. The 3 gram jars are gift-packaged in orange organza pouches with accompanying attractive labels & tags.


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