Sea Salted Hazelnuts (Round) 1 lb.


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1 lb. Sea Salted Hazelnuts

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Dry Roasted Hazelnuts are seasoned with just the right amount of sea-salt.  Flavored with coconut oil, our round sea salt hazelnuts are sure to please the most discriminating palate.

Hazelnuts are a sweet-flavored nut, perfect for baking and snacking; can be refrigerated or frozen to extend the shelf life


Rich in unsaturated fats, these hazelnuts are also high in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and E


Add crunch and flavor to your meals: crush Holmquist hazelnuts and sprinkle on ice cream, or as a delicious crust for halibut, salmon, or chicken


Grown in Washington State


Hazelnuts, also known as filberts, are a delicious sweet-flavored nut that can be enjoyed in just about any baked good, enjoyed as a crunchy, healthy snack, or as part of a meal–coat your fish or chicken with crushed hazelnuts, or sprinkle hazelnuts in your salad for added protein and flavor. They also add a nutty, rich flavor to baked desserts. Hazelnuts have a high amount of vitamin E and B vitamins, including folate, plus vitamin E, important for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Hazelnuts also contain potassium, calcium and magnesium, providing many health benefits like regulating healthy blood pressure. Paleo diet-friendly. Skins mostly removed.These dry-roasted, sea-salted Holmquist hazelnuts are proudly produced by Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards of Lynden, Washington. Store your hazelnuts in the refrigerator for up to a year, or in the pantry for up to 6 months. Hazelnuts can also be frozen to extend the shelf life. 1 pound bag. Grown in the USA. Gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher.


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